control critical assets

IT Assets:

Critical IT assets in government data centers can move or be misplaced several times during their lifecycle. Tracking these items with Enasys will ensure you maintain control over your assets in addition to conducting inventories in record times. Enasys is FIPS compliant.

Emergency Equipment:

All departments involved in emergency services such as life-saving, fire and rescue operations, and emergency medical teams, require a well-organized system for keeping track of uniforms, tools, and specialized equipment. Tracking these items with Enasys empowers you to maintain a state of operational readiness by ensuring that all assets are accounted for and ready for the next emergency.


Enasys is a critical solution to one of the main challenges in supply chains – visibility of logistics data. It improves transparency of movement, inventory management, DOD compliance, and interoperability in an end-to-end integrated supply chain. Assets can be easily located and the check in / check out process ensures that only authorized individuals have access to the data on what is being moved.

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